What exactly is the Moby prototype?

The Moby prototype is a Marvell reference design to make affordable, fully-functional, connected tablets available to the world.

We're initially focusing on two areas: Education and Healthcare

For education, the Moby prototype will provide new learning opportunities for children of all socioeconomic backgrounds, using advanced technology.

For healthcare, the Moby prototype will change the way providers and patients get information and communicate, using tablets to make lives easier.

Does Marvell exclusively manufacture and sell the Moby prototype?
Marvell is collaborating with key partner OEMs and ODMs to bring a "best-of-breed" approach to make the Moby concept all it can be. Marvell is providing its advanced, industry-leading System-on-Chip to power the Moby prototype for ultimate performance and scalability.
Where will the product be sold?
The Moby prototype will be made available through our OEM manufacturers and their various distribution and sales channels. Marvell is not selling tablet devices direct to consumers.
Who is the Marvell contact for the education market?
Please contact us through the register page and we'll ensure you're connected to the right individuals.
Which Marvell processors are being used with the Moby prototype?
The Moby concept is based on Marvell's high-performance, highly scalable and low-power Marvell® ARMADA™ 610 application processor. Marvell is also making available a reference design for developing and testing applications.

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